SVDL-0189 ‘The Brazilian Hug!’ featuring Yasmin

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Here in Brazil we like to make our guests feel welcome by giving them something we call ‘The Brazilian Hug’.  Unfortunately sometimes my hugs are a little too TIGHT!

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Drew relaxes in his hotel room when Yasmin, in devastatingly sexy mini and tight top with heels that make her tower over him, shows up to welcome him to Sao Paulo, saying, “I’m here to give you our traditional Brazilian Hug!”.

He’s all for that, until she shows him what the Brazilian Hug is, a mind-blowing, non-stop display of full-out scissoring fury that will make your jaw drop as it nearly shatters his!

Yasmin is a true, beautiful scissor freak, loving nothing more than taking his face into her full, fantastic thighs and pinching it into a mask of pure terror!

She is brutality personified, embracing him in her long, supple legs in the most devastatingly agonizing bodyscissors you’ll likely find anywhere! “Don’t you love my legs? FEEL THEM!”, she demands as she wraps her potent pythonic squeezers on him with unrelenting fury!

This is one Brazilian tradition delivered by one Brazilian scissoring legend you just gotta feel for yourself, if you can survive!

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