SVDL-0001 ‘Magazine Girl Squeeze!’ featuring Leanna

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Since he’s not buying my magazines, maybe he’ll buy my powerful dancer thighs wrapped around his neck!

Video Length : 35 mins. | Video Size : 480×360 | File Size: 195 MB

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Our little Leanna, all 5-1, 110 pounds of her, is a true Scissor Vixen find!

In this video classic she portrays a schoolgirl selling magazine subscriptions to work her way through college. Kandor brushes her off, so she barges right in and lays him to waste in her rugged, muscular dancer’s legs!

With dialogue like “People say my thighs feel like steel plates!” Leanna tears him up in crushing headscissors, neck-wrenching figure fours, pounding reverse facescissors, and rib-bending bodyscissors, also using headlocks, mind-boggling full split-facesits and a calfscissors/camel clutch combo!

Leanna is a mover and a shaker, throbbing, quivering and pounding her legs in full scissor fury, including one reverse facescissors over the arm of a couch that nearly twisted Kandor’s head off!

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