SVDL-0468 ‘Housewife Crush!’ featuring Wild Amazon

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If there’s one thing I do not appreciate is being rushed to go somewhere!  I think tonight we’re staying in and I’m gonna have some fun CRUSHING him!

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You know how women look like a mess in curlers? That would NOT be Wild Amazon, who in “Housewife Crush” plays a woman taking her time getting ready to go out despite her husband’s bitching she move her ass! So she does – on his face, absolutely devouring his head in her man-eating, skull-crushing thighs, the likes of which you’ve never seen and will love! Wild Amazon is just that, a big, wickedly strong European gal with a devastatingly dominant attitude and a pair of the most amazing, deadly legs you’ll ever see!

Her thighs are just ginormous, well-muscled and thick, calves of cut steel, all of it designed to crush a man’s skull to a screaming pulp, and she does to Kandor, over and over, turning him into a whimpering wimp of a scissor victim! She also uses the most brutal and savage scissor chops and thrusting scissors you can imagine, those explosive thighs SLAMMING down on him like a lethal rain from Scissor Heaven! And combined with it all is the most deliciously dominant dialogue hissed in her insanely sexy accent! The moral? You rush her, she’ll CRUSH YOU!

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