SVDL-0456 ‘Scissor Necktie!’ featuring Ivy

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He was upset that I threw out his favorite necktie and started yelling at me!  Well…lets see how my thighs fit around his neck instead!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 355 MB

Pictures Included In Zip File: 174

Video Description

In ‘Scissor Necktie’ Ivy returns looking gorgeous as ever this time wearing a lacy thong that really shows off her incredible legs and butt to perfection! She plays a wife who accidentally throws out her husband’s favorite necktie. He isn’t too happy and starts to yell at her telling her, “That was my favorite necktie!” to which she responds by giving him a new necktie to wear…her “Scissor Necktie”!

Ivy uses her muscular, athletic legs to nearly squeeze the life out of her hubby in a non-stop display of scissor fury going full-out in wrapping him up in crushing front headscissors, strangling figure-4’s and her favorite…eye-popping reverse headscissors. As a matter of fact…near the end…Ivy knocks him out (for real!) in an incredibly sexy and powerful reverse headscissors while his head is hanging off the edge of the couch! After he regains consciousness, with his head still hanging off the edge of the couch, Ivy pulls him into a standing headscissors and makes him promise to never bitch at her again about tossing out one of his favorite neckties!

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