SVDL-0406 ‘Time To Kiss My Ass!’ featuring Leggy Laci Lynn

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This photographer didn’t like my lips tattoo on my butt and tried to cancel the shoot!  Time for him to ‘Kiss My Ass’!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 354 MB

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Gorgeous Laci Lynn shows up for her latest photo shoot with a new photographer and while posing and showing him her gorgeous hard-rock glutes…he notices a tattoo of red lips on one cheek. He tells the blonde muscle girl that nowhere on her modeling profile did she specify any tattoos and tries to cancel the shoot. But Laci Lynn is having none of that and tells the arrogant photographer the reason she has a sexy tattoo of red lips on her booty is because every photographer ends up kissing her ass before the end of the shoot!

She then defiantly plants her delectable ass on the top of his couch and when he attempts to pull her off of it…she pulls him into a crushing headscissors instead! Laci Lynn’s thighs are big, solid and incredibly powerful and she knows how to use them to get her way by scissoring the photographer in an endless array of skull crushing head scissors, neck wrenching figure-4’s and a few rib busting body scissors! In the end…the photographer does what every other photographer Laci Lynn works with does by kissing her ass for real! After making another photographer kiss her ass…Leggy Laci Lynn stands up and leaves his crushed and broken body laying on the floor while triumphantly walking away! If Leggy Laci Lynn tells you to kiss her ass…you’d be very wise to do so!

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