SVDL-0404 ‘Crushing The Charmer!’ featuring Dia Zerva

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This old man still thinks he’s got it trying to be charming but my thighs prove…he’s got nothing left!

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Dia’s at a party, chatting on the phone about the dearth of younger people when an old fart who thinks himself quite the charmer comes in and puts the moves on this little blonde muscle gal. She is amused by him, and decides a little butt show is in order, flashing her insanely shapely, muscular ass at him, saying “You want a good close look?” BANG! It’s full-out scissor power of the most brutal variety you’ll ever see as Dia attaches her tight-ass jean-clad thighs to his head and commences to “Crushing The Charmer!”

Quickly, she peels off her jeans and top and strips down to a thong, revealing her superbly muscled legs and unbelievable ass, all of it brought to bear in the most brutal scissor action ever! This is one very savage ScissorVixen who knows how to hurt a man, and she fucks Kandor up like he has seldom been fucked up before, actually knocking him out – watch for it!! – in a front headscissors as her big, mean thighs crush his head and neck while she sits on his chest! Dia has two scissor speeds: Zero or extreme, and NOTHING in between and here’s a clue – she never does zero! This is as devastating a display of scissoring prowess as you’ll find anywhere as Dia is a non-stop scissor machine of the thighest order!

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