SVDL-0344 ‘Scissor Hangover!’ featuring Bella

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What’s worse than a nasty hangover?  A hangover mixed with BRUTAL SCISSORS!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 348 MB

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Drew’s been a bad boy, drinking too much and suffering a hangover. Bella beckons him to bed wearing, well, next to nothing, but he just can’t move. Pissed that he went drinking again without her, Bella goes bananas all over the hung-over lug, destroying him in a never-ending series of savage scissors!

Bella is one brutal beautiful blonde and uses her entire body to destroy him, especially those silky, scissoring and deadly legs! Her reverse scissors are spectacular, her world-class ass flexing and clenching in his face as her powerful thighs CRUSH his skull! And she makes use of her Scissors Chop, raising one leg high and then punching it down hard on his head, her cranium-cracking thigh blasting off his skull! In the end she announces that now it’s HER turn to go out on the town while leaving him with a nasty ‘Scissors Hangover!’.

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