SVDL-0324 ‘Muscle Model Squeeze!’ featuring Iron Angel

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He said I was too muscular to be a model!  Time for this model to give him my Muscle Model Squeeze!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 338 MB

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Blonde, beautiful, Brazilian IFBB pro figure competitor, Iron Angel, returns to crushing form as a model who is being told by a photographer that she’s too muscular for the job particularly her powerhouse, chiseled thighs. Well…even though this buff Brazilian knows little English one word she does know is ‘SCISSORS’ and tells the photog “I will scissor you now!” while pushing him on the couch, climbing behind him and applying a skull crushing headscissors from behind.

Iron Angel is determined to prove to this jerk that she is more than qualified for the job while giving him a close up view of her thighs by squeezing the life out of him in eye popping front headscissors, strangling neck scissors and rib busting body scissors. Her thighs are so muscular…the slightest flex of her inner thigh muscles sends unimaginable pain through his entire body as he begs and pleads for her to stop. In the end she decides to become the photographer holding the camera in one hand while taking a picture of the photog hopelessly trapped between her steel cable thighs!

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