SVDL-0313 ‘She’s Got Legs!’ featuring Ashley

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He didn’t like how loud I was playing my favorite song by ZZ-Top, She’s Got Legs, so I gave him more legs than he can handle!

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While dancing to that famous ZZ-Top hit, “She’s Got Legs”, Ashley’s routine is rudely interrupted by her neighbor who’s upset that she’s playing her music too loud and can’t get any sleep.  Needless to say…she’s not too happy and decides to show her neighbor what else her legs can do besides dance.

She begins by tossing the moron to the bed and applies a killer standing headscissors loosening his neck up for a barrage of non-stop scissors.  At one point, while applying a crushing head scissors that nearly cracks his skull in two, she forces him to try and sing the song but all he could manage to do is squeak out a few lyrics before being muffled silent by her squeeze.  It’s not long before he finally gets some sleep, laying there on the edge of Ashley’s bed, knocked out cold by her thighs.  Ashley picks up where she left off dancing over his limp body to the tune of “She’s Got Legs” and in Ashley’s case…she knows how to use them!

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