SVDL-0297 ‘Pressuring The Professor!’ featuring Dominique

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I didn’t like the grade he gave me so I decided to help him change his mind!

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Drop-dead gorgeous and muscular Dominique is not in the mood for her professor’s failing grade, so she shows up in sinfully short booty shorts and tight top to change his mind – with her LEGS!

She totally lives up to her name, leaping on his desk and taking him in a neck-wrenching throat scissors with her gigantic, muscle-bound thighs in the first of many savage scissors on the desk, floor and couch, including some over-the-edge work using the desk that just swallows his head and face in her plank-hard hammies and muscle-bubbling quads! This girl is all business and all power as she convinces him the theme of her paper – the dominance of women – warrants an A, and puts unreal pressure on his head and neck to prove her point – and gain an A+!

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