SVDL-0259 ‘Rank My Scissors Now!’ featuring Natalia

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He doesn’t think my scissors are worthy of the number one spot…bet he will soon after I’m done with him!

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In “Rank My Scissors Now!” Natalia drops by to see Drew, who dared not rank the leggy gymnast number one in his “Best Scissor” poll on the ScissorVixens Yahoo group. She then takes him apart – with her scissors – to show him why she should be ranked the top ScissorVixens crusher!

Her meaty, muscular thighs absolutely engulf his screaming head over and over in jaw-busting headscissors and nearly smother him alive in her all-consuming reverse facescissors! The little gymnast absolutely destroys him with her muscular and VERY lethal legs until he finally agrees to boost her up – WAY up to the top – in the scissor poll! Natalia’s legs rank THIGHLY on anyone’s best-scissor list!

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