SVDL-0252 ‘Wrong Blouse, Right Scissors!’ featuring Anya

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He didn’t like the blouse I modeled for him so now it’s time to show him my SCISSORS instead!

Video Length : 30 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 314 MB

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In ‘Wrong Blouse, Right SCISSORS!’ Anya is a store model showing off an outfit a customer had asked for, but he bitches loudly it’s not the right blouse. She’s having a lousy day so she just goes insane all over the loser, unleashing a brutal barrage of non-stop, head-splitting and rib-cracking scissor holds in her meaty, muscular thighs!

He begs for mercy, trying to convince her she’s wearing the wrong blouse but his words fall on deaf ears and he can’t hear anything either, with his ears so fully packed with her punishing thighs! Anya tortures him for 30 straight minutes before he finally agrees that she’s right, handing over his credit card to buy the blouse! Is the customer always right? In Anya’s case, if the customer’s wrong , they go RIGHT into her scissors!!!

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