SVDL-0242 ‘Sybil’s Savage Scissors!’ featuring Sybil Starr

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Since he’s not buying my magazines, maybe he’ll buy my powerful dancer thighs wrapped around his neck!

Video Length : 16 mins. | Video Size : 856×480 | File Size: 167MB

Video Description

Once again, and with no rationale thought as to our own health, we at ScissorVixens bring you another in the ongoing “ScissorVixen Savage Scissors Submission Series” with one of savage scissoring’s seriously most savage scissorers – Sybil Starr! This is a gal who was BORN to scissor – nothing, but nothing pleases her more than taking a man’s head in her supple, sexy, spectacular thighs and CRUSHING it flat, or bending ribs to the bursting point, only to let up and let them SNAP agonizingly back into place!

Well, we asked for it and we got it, 15 minutes of solid, non-stop, non-scripted and totally debilitating scissors in the legs of one of the world’s best! Sybil can make a man not only tap for mercy and beg for his life but scream like her bitch as she unleashes a pair of the most powerful pipes we have EVER felt! Even her flat bodyscissors across the belly and back left us feeling as if she’d shear us in half in her knife-like legs! This vid could easily be called “Tap City” because that’s what she had us doing, tap, tap, tapping like mad for mercy!

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