Introducing Powerful Peighton

Physical Statistics




150 lbs.





About Powerful Peighton

We can go on and on describing this extremely gorgeous muscle beauty but in the case of someone as sexy and dominant as Powerful Peighton…it’s best to step aside and let her do it herself!

Powerful Peighton Says: “I am a top national figure athlete known for my combination of muscle and beauty. Some have referred to me as a ‘bodybuilder lite’ and the truth is that I look strong and I’m actually stronger … you won’t have much of a chance for even a temporary break let alone a victory. I am extremely versatile and can either kick your butt sweetly with a smile on my face or coldly and without mercy. I am an expert at role play, and I specialize in combination sessions that start with wrestling and end with domination or sensual depending on your interests.”

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