Introducing Nadia M

Physical Statistics




155 llbs.





About Nadia M

Nadia Says: “I have been weight training for about 8 years, and competing in women’s bodybuilding for 5years. I have been active in sports since the age of 3 starting out as a gymnast, cheerleading in highschool and running track. I even ran track in college, and tore my hamstring. After rehab I liked the muscular look, and started bodybuilding.”

ScissorVixens Says:  We’ve had an eye on Nadia M for quite some time now ever since she first appeared on the WB270 nearly 6 years ago. 

And finally the opportunity to work with her  presented itself during a ScissorVixen southern-states road tour where we met Nadia M in Columbia, SC.  She was more than eager to work with us after first contacting her and we were more than impressed by her huge, powerful physique. 

Of course what stood out the most were her insanely sexy, muscular and powerful 27-inch quads which are capable of squatting over 400 pounds for reps! 

After slipping into a sexy thong and standing there in front of me I turned around and looked at my volunteer victims and said…”Uh boys…I think we’re in trouble!”. 

And in trouble we were!  During our first shoot with Nadia M she knocked out one of our victims with her powerhouse thighs not once, but twice, before it was all over!

So…if you are in need of some discipline and a little squeeeeeze then Nadia M can certainly deliver that and more!

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