Introducing Becky LeSabre

Physical Statistics




135 llbs.





About Becky LeSabre

Even though she stands at an imposing 5’10” tall barefoot (and well over 6 ft. tall in standard high-heels) gorgeous model Becky LeSabre is accustomed to being underestimated when it comes to her grappling skills.

This isn’t her first time ‘mixing it up’ with the men and when I scheduled our first shoot with her she warned me…”I’ve knocked a few guys out and even broke a rib of one guy in a body scissors!”.

Even though my experience working with over 270 different ScissorVixens has taught me that long-legged girls, no matter how they are built, can generate a lot of power with their long legs I decided to reserve judgment on Becky’s claims until I got to work with her in person myself. 

About half-way through her first ScissorVixen video her victim decided to call her the ‘B-word’ not once but twice! After Becky asks him…”Uh…what did you just call me…?” he foolishly repeats it again!

Then with a vengeful smirk on her face…Becky says “It’s time to put your ass in the worse scissor headlock you’ve ever had!” and within a few seconds he taps-out but it’s a bit too late as he quickly drifts off into scissor la-la-land!

Becky LeSabre is as cute and adorable as they come but if you’re the one caught in one of her head-scissors…you won’t think there’s anything cute or adorable about it!