Introducing Mikaela

Physical Statistics




145 lbs.





About Mikaela

Although Mikaela has shot for a few other sites many of our members have been begging us to feature her on  And when it comes to SCISSORS we agree there is no better way to showcase the POWER of Mikaela’s ANACONDAS then right here on!

Mikaela has been on our radar screen for quite some time ever since she made a name for herself beating up men to the point where very few are willing to shoot with her again! 

And over the last few years we’ve received several requests to feature her right here on 

Although Mikaela is well-known for her BRUTAL beatdowns using both her hands and feet to beat men into submission (and in a few cases tears) one look at her POWERFUL LEGS and you know she can do some serious damage to one’s neck or ribs when caught in her ANACONDA SQUEEEEEZE!

Although it may seem somewhat contradictory given the brutality of the scissors our models administer we also like our girls to feature a more ‘glamorous’ look when destroying men with their thighs. 

So we asked Mikaela to arrive to our shoot as if she were getting ready for one of her fitness contests with hair down and makeup. 

And when she showed up to our studio all ‘dolled up’ as we requested we were immediately blown away by just how BEAUTIFUL Mikaela is in person and wondered how a girl so pretty could be so vicious.

And we were about to find out soon enough!

Mikaela's Videos

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