Introducing Genesis

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About Genesis

When we saw Genesis recently at FetCon (an annual fetish event here in Tampa) we knew we had to have her on ASAP and so we waste no time presenting her to all of our fans…ENJOY!

Like Nikki Next we first met Genesis months ago at our home studio shooting for another producer but weren’t totally convinced about her ability to crush heads between her thighs. 

She was brand new to the fetish world at the time and seemed a little too shy and timid.  Fast forward several months later and that has all changed!

When we saw her walking around at the annual Fetish Convention she seemed to have plenty of confidence and commanded plenty of attention from other producers as well wanting to work with her. 

So we asked her about shooting for us and she didn’t hesitate to accept our offer telling us she’s quite familiar with leg scissor holds already!

Genesis's Videos

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