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Nikki Next and Morgan Del Ray

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Nikki Next made quite the ‘scissor splash’ during her first shoot with us a few weeks ago but this time she returns and brings along her GORGEOUS friend Morgan Del Ray.

Anyone that saw Nikki’s first ScissorVixen video knows that this little cutie has one insanely impressive squeeeeze!

But during this video that impressive squeeze has become almost unbearable and Nikki’s most potent scissor hold is her front head scissor!

When she’s got you locked in as high and tight as possible and her adductors start to slice into your neck it’s nothing short of excruciating and can definitely put most guys out in seconds!

When Drew attempts to kick the two young hotties out of his gym while dancer Morgan Del Ray is showing Nikki some dance moves Nikki decides it’s time for her to show Morgan some scissor moves on Drew!

Watch as Nikki and Morgan turn Drew’s gym into their own private ‘scissor studio’ by CRUSHING the helpless man in double-teaming scissors with one around his neck and the other around his body.

Then they trade off sometimes one at a time while the other cheers her friend on and then back to overwhelming him with all four of their powerful thighs!

At one point Nikki tells her friend Morgan to try out the ‘chop scissors’ and Morgan does just that raising her one thigh high in the air and sending it back down right across Drew’s neck!

Then Nikki decides two scissor chops are better than one and together they raise their thighs up high, count to 3 and crash their legs back down nearly breaking one of Drew’s ribs and neck at the same time!

Eventually the two girls get bored with destroying Drew and decide it’s time to put him to sleep and they do just that with Morgan wrapping her lethal legs around his neck sideways and Nikki squeezing every ounce of oxygen he has left out of him with her overwhelming body scissors!

So don’t miss this incredible 2-on-1 scissor-fest featuring Nikki Next and Morgan Del Ray in ‘Nikki and Morgan’s SCISSOR Studio!’.

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