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We first met the very fit and dark-haired beauty Cleo at the annual fetish convention (aka Fetcon) this past Summer and immediately approached her about shooting for us after watching her perform at the fetish demonstration booth.

And when she told us she was a member of a nationally ranked cheerleading team we knew she’d give us, and our ScissorVixens fans, plenty to CHEER about!

One look at her powerful thighs should tell you this girl can SQUEEEEEZE and she does just that in her debut ScissorVixens video!

When Cleo’s boyfriend comes home she can’t wait to show him her latest business venture as a dominatrix but when he sees what she has in mind he tells her “NO WAY!”.

But Cleo isn’t going to take no for an answer from him or any man especially when she’s decided to be the one to hand out the rules in DOMINATING fashion!

He sees her list of rules and laughs but not for long as Cleo decides to add a new rule to the list…”Rule Number 7: Scissor the shit out of your boyfriend!”.

And scissor the shit out of him she does using her athletic and powerful thighs in eye-bulging front head scissors, overwhelming reverse head scissors, strangling throat scissors and rib-busting body scissors!

After working him over and making him her first unwilling domination client she adds one more rule for good measure…”Rule Number 8: Knock your boyfriend out!”.

So check out GORGEOUS hottie Cleo in her debut ScissorVixens video titled ‘Cleo’s DOMINATING RULES!’.

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