Introducing Luscious Leah

Physical Statistics




140 lbs.





About Luscious Leah

When we first met this GORGEOUS Las Vegas personal trainer at our party wearing a short, tight mini-skirt that showed off her muscular legs we knew we had to get her on!

And we’re sure you’ll be glad we did!

It was during that party that we decided to have some ‘scissor auditions’ and it was Luscious Leah that we really wanted to see give it a try. 

After the first few girls put the squeeze on us Luscious Leah was ready to show what her fitness thighs were capable of! 

She started out by clamping a standing head scissor to the first guy causing him to tap-out in about 7 seconds then it was my turn. 

I sat down in the hot tub and had Luscious Leah sit behind me and wrap her muscular thighs around my neck. 

Once I showed her how to lock up her ankles, straighten her legs and squeeze it was tap-out time for me as well!

We quickly invited her to a video shoot and she was quick to accept!

Luscious Leah's Videos

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