Introducing Lethal Legs Lela

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Lethal Legs Lela

We’ve known Lela for a quite a while now and for whatever reason haven’t found the time to work with her until now when she finally decided to prove to Drew she’s more than ready to become a ScissorVixen!

We first took notice of Lela a few years ago when on her social network page she took a close-up picture of her thighs stretched out in a scissor pose with the caption…”Pretty sure anyone caught in these leg scissors would be KO’d immediately!’.

That was before we moved to the Tampa, Fl. area where Lela lives. 

Once we moved to Tampa Lela would come over to visit and also shoot for other producers. 

She would also stop by a few of our parties and it was during one of those parties that we took note of Lela’s extreme physical transformation!

Lela has always had big, muscular legs from years as a dancer but now she was much leaner and more fit and that most definitely caught our attention. 

We knew it was time to finally feature our friend Lela on but wasn’t sure when. 

That all changed one day when Lela was invited to stay the night over our house and basically forced Drew to finally get a taste of ‘Lethal Legs’ Lela’s POWERFUL SCISSORS!

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