Introducing Lora Cross

Physical Statistics




110 lbs.





About Lora Cross

At only 5’2″ tall and 110 lbs…one might think Lora Cross couldn’t do much damage with her thighs.  And that is where one would be VERY WRONG!

That’s because Lora Cross is 100% MUSCLE with a chiseled six-pack and LEAN STEEL-CABLE THIGHS that when wrapped around your neck can have you seeing stars in seconds!

Lora has an extensive athletic background which includes Division 1 softball, running marathons (including the world famous Boston Marathon) and currently training ju-jitsu where she likes to try and submit her opponents with head scissors despite that not being a standard form of submission.

She told us she even made a male opponent submit to her head scissors in class as he was completely humiliated trying to escape but eventually had to tapout!

It’s not often we do a SAVAGE SCISSORS video with someone Lora Cross’s size but when they are all muscle…size in this case doesn’t matter!

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