Introducing Kelli Provocateur

Physical Statistics




125 lbs.





About Kelli Provocateur

“I love you totally helpless between My thighs: your neck, your chest, your legs and maybe an arm. Doesn?t matter what part of you ? all of you belongs to Me, and I will squeeze each and every part of you? slowly, precisely, and meticulously.” – Kelli Provocateur

“I love you mesmerized by My captivating body while I wrap My lethal strong legs about you at My leisure,  purring contentedly as I brush your cheek gently with a calf , knowing you’ve almost forgotten the Crush I’m about to have on you!” – Kelli Provocateur

With quotes like those above from Kelli Provocateur herself it’s best to just step aside and let her words speak for herself. 

But of course…we can’t help but add a few of our own observations after working with her. 

If you love sexy, feminine muscle featuring a pair of mind-blowing legs (literally!) and a set of the most powerful and muscular glutes we’ve ever seen (she nearly strangled one of her victims in a full reverse split on his neck just by flexing her ass muscles together in one ScissorVixen video!) then you’ll LOVE Kelli Provocateur here on!

Session and Contact Information

 Location: Houston, TX

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CashApp: $kelliprovo