Introducing Kristen Krush

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Kristen Krush

When Kristen Krush walked into our studio wearing tight painted-on jeans I knew this was gonna’ hurt! Standing at 5’9″ tall Kristen Krush has incredibly long and VERY LEAN legs without an ounce of fat. When you put those leggy ingredients together it usually spells trouble for anyone caught between her scissors!

Kristen Krush also told us she loves to run and runs everyday and when you look at her thighs…they have that Marathon runner’s look to them. And of course what that means is Kristen Krush can go on KRUSHING you long after she crosses YOUR finish line!

Think you can cross the finish line when Kristen Krush has her steel cable thighs wrapped around your neck? Well…contact ScissorVixens Session Girls today to see if you’ve got what it takes to survive her lethal legs!

Kristen Krush's Videos

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