Introducing Kaylee Rose

Physical Statistics




140 lbs.





About Kaylee Rose

The first thing I noticed about Kaylee Rose when walking by her during a fetish party was of course…HER LEGS! 

She was wearing a one-piece outfit that really showed off her fantastic physique and there was no question this girl was no stranger to the gym.

So as the owner of I did what I had to do and said…”Wow…you’ve got great legs!  Have you ever done any fetish shoots before…?”.

After Kaylee Rose answered “no” I then said…”I would love for you to scissor me right here and now!” never really expecting her to accept my offer but for Kaylee Rose I now know she viewed it as more of a challenge!

Kaylee Rose then proceeded to wrap her solid, muscular thighs around my head and nearly pop it off before forcing me to tap-out!

I had a slight hang-over the next morning no doubt from the alcohol consumed that night but I’m sure Kaylee Rose’s CRUSHING THIGHS had a lot to do with it as well!

Kaylee Rose is a total gym-rat working out 5-6 times a week and working her thighs 3 days per week.  And trust us…it shows. Her thighs are solid as a rock!

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