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150 lbs.





About Kayla Woods

Kayla Says: When I was a little girl , I was faster, stronger , bigger , and more powerful than all the boys. I was superior and I enjoyed outperforming them all. As I grew up , I was still a tomboy — always wanting to climb trees, wrestle (play Power Rangers) , and rough up the boys. Fast forward about 25 years, and here I am a superior being — but this time well- aware of her power. Well-aware that I am a fit, powerful, gorgeous woman whom men and women alike both admire and desire. I enjoy showing off , making others laugh and blush, and talking about my hard , athletic body. I am an easy- going woman who loves to laugh , be happy, and be super sexy. Throughout my athletic journey , I have played multiple sports. After having played collegiate volleyball, I competed in Crossfit for 4 years. For the last two years , my energy and focus has been on Olympic Style lifting. Along with Oly lifting , I do accessory work to build my hard biceps, and thick back. I have also sought out wrestling / BJJ/boxing coaches so that I can not only take you with my strength, but my skill and technique as well. :)**** I have far too much respect for my body and sport to have experienced with HGH or Steriods. I am an all- natural woman!*** Strenght / Power Stats:

Back squat 132 kilos (291 lbs) Front squat 124 kilos (274 lbs)

Snatch 82 kilos (181 lbs) Clean & Jerk 102 kilos (225 lbs)

ScissorVixens Says: Kayla ‘Your Crush’ Woods first got our attention on We also started to follow her on Twitter shortly after that.  And at 5’10” tall and weighing in at a solid 150 pounds…it’s kind of hard to miss her!

But what really had us excited to get the chance to work with this gorgeous, tall Amazon was her obvious enthusiasm for showing off her power in more ways than one!

Right from the start, Kayla ‘Your Crush’ Woods will let you know that she’s in charge and has the muscle and power to impose her authority whether you like it or not! 

And once she gets those LONG, SEXY but POWERFUL LEGS around you…forget about it…it’s ALL OVER!

If you check out her Twitter account @kaylawoods777 you’ll notice a few common hashtags (key words) she uses with almost every post which include #Yourcrush, #Crushyou and #Knockyouout to name a few. 

Clearly she isn’t shy about letting her Twitter followers and fans know what a session caught between her LETHAL THIGHS would be like…can you say….TAP! TAP! TAP!…?

Aside from CRUSHING men with her thighs…Kayla is surprisingly agile for her height as she demonstrated for us during our shoot springing into a handstand and then walking around the room on her hands as if she was still on her feet!

Although I am not in the first video release with Kayla…I did get my turn between her thighs and let me tell you…her SQUEEEEEEZE is indeed DEVASTATING!  Had me tapping out quicker than anytime I could remember in recent memory, particularly her reverse head scissors and reverse figure-4’s!

Oh…and her bodyscissors…TOTALLY BREATHTAKING and could easily knock most men out in that one too!

When we asked Kayla if she has shot for anyone else we were pleased to know that once again… has the privilege to be the FIRST to do so.  But make no mistake…she had plenty of scissor experience before this shoot and it shows in her first ever scissor video!

So check out Kayla ‘Your Crush’ Woods here on and contact her below if you dare!

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