Introducing Amethyst Mars

Physical Statistics




120 lbs.





About Amethyst Mars

We first learned about Amethyst Mars through another producer that sent us pictures of her with the caption…”I think she’s perfect for your stuff!”.

Once you watch this dark-haired BEAUTY in action…we’re sure you’ll agree she is most definitely top-tier ScissorVixen talent!

She told us that she basically lives in the gym and works out every day and that ‘leg day’ is her favorite.  And one look at her legs and that incredible ass will tell you this girl is no stranger to squats!

Along with her fashion model looks and athletic physique Amethyst knows how to DOMINATE and loves every second of showing you just how powerful, and how weak you are, between her CRUSHING THIGHS!

Amethyst Mars is the TOTAL package…beauty, brains, brawn and most importantly…SCISSORS that will leave you literally breathless!