Introducing Julie Squeeze

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About Julie Squeeze

When I first laid eyes on Julie Squeeze, as she was approaching my car while picking her up for our first video shoot, I thought to myself…”Damn…this girl is HOTTT!” 

And hot she is, standing at 5’7″ and a deceiving 135 solid pounds as she looks much lighter but has plenty of muscle in all the right places! 

She told me that scripted wrestling videos weren’t really her thing because in her own words…”I am a VERY competitive person and love to just go at it in an all-out competitive match!” 

Well…even though scripted wrestling videos are her thing…there’s nothing scripted about Julie Squeeze’s agonizing scissor holds! 

This girl knows how to use her leggy weapons to her advantage and whether she is following a loose script or letting it all hang out in a competitive match…you can bet that she’ll get those gorgeous gams around you in no time and slowly squeeze you into scissored submission!