Introducing Scandal

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Scandal

Scandal: That which offends the moral sensibilities of society. So sayeth the dictionary.  Scandal: That which scissors with thighs most meaty and calves soooooooo deliciously muscled!

So sayeth the ScissorVixens dictionary! 

Scandal, a tall, leggy model/college student, is a big, strong gal, standing five-foot eight and weighing a solid 130 pounds, much of it leg!

Her thighs are creamy smooth, perfectly shaped and devilishly strong, and those calves leap out of her tight, silky skin like fists of steel above her ankles.

This sexy lass is a horseback-riding aficionado, accustomed to gripping with her thighs, and does it ever pay off: Her scissors lock on tight and do not ease up.

Scandal may mean one thing to most people, but to us Scandal means SCISSORS!

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