Introducing Gabrielle Grin

Physical Statistics




145 lbs.





About Gabrielle Grin

She’s tall, she’s gorgeous, she’s got legs that go from here to there and back again – and all over her victim’s head, throat and belly!

Gabrielle Grin is a 5-foot-11 specimen of exquisite feminine power, not a bodybuilder or athlete, but just an all-around, all-American, girl-next-door ScissorVixen of the thighest quality!

She has llllllllllllong legs that go on forever and can wrap a man up tighter than ribbon, her thighs exploding in power in straight-on headscissors, her powerful calves decapitation quality in throat-wrenching figure fours!

Her reverses are a delight to behold as well with her well-rounded, extremely sexy butt the engine for face pinching crush action!

Gabrielle had never scissored before her ScissorVixens debut and upon destroying her first victim, beamed and said proudly, “I LOVE this shit!”.

So do we, Gabrielle, so do we….

Gabrielle Grin's Videos

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