Introducing Choco Ice

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About Choco Ice

Choco Ice comes to us from Boston, a powerful ebony beauty, a model who stands a stately 5-foot-8 and weighs a solid 135 pounds.

She is blessed with silky skin, soulful brown eyes you could drown in and a mischievous and nasty dominant attitude; she is indeed one of the best trash talkers we have ever seen, laying down a verbal diatribe to match the lethalness of her supple yet very firm 22 and 1/2 inch thighs and powerful 14-inch calves.

She stunned us with the severity of her scissors attack for a newcomer.

She took to all-out scissoring as if she were born to scissor and had been doing it her whole life, she is that much completely a natural at leggy domination!

Ice is a force to be reckoned with, boasting as much power in her personality as in those gorgeous, crushing legs….

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