Introducing Goddess Kyaa

Physical Statistics




120 lbs.





About Goddess Kyaa

We first met the GORGEOUS Goddess Kyaa several years ago during the annual FetCon event in Tampa, Fl. during lunch with another producer.

Fast forward a few years and after moving to Las Vegas, we received a DM from Goddess Kyaa saying…”I’d love to work with you sometime!  My legs are great for scissoring!”.

Well…at 5’11” tall barefoot…uh…yeah…those LEGS could easily wrap around and squeeze the living hell out of two, maybe three, men at the same time!

Now some of you are going to say…”But Drew…she’s too thin to be able to squeeze with any kind of pressure.” but that would be something a newbie or one with little experience getting scissored would say!

Again…she is 5’11” TALL which adds up to tremendous leverage and those thin thighs…they are all MUSCLE and are basically like wrapping a steel cable around you throat and body!

And good lord…that she does over and over again here on ScissorVixens!

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