Introducing Goddess Amanda M

Physical Statistics




165 lbs.





About Goddess Amanda M

Many of you may have noticed an incredibly muscular and powerful new girl on the session scene who has been going by IFBB Pro on SessionGirls.

Well…if you haven’t, we’ve got you covered because we most certainly did!

But IFBB Pro has decided to go by Goddess Amanda M. for this video and quite possibly for all future session and fetish work.

We wasted no time to reach out to her and after you watch her perform like a scissoring-veteran in this video, you’ll be surprised to know she initially said no.

Not because she has a problem CRUSHING men between her powerful Brazilian thighs, but because she didn’t feel experienced or confident enough to be in a ScissorVixens video!

But after we informed her many of our ScissorVixens arrive in front of our cameras with little to no scissor experience and this is where they learn how to scissor for the first time…she was all in and very excited to learn what this SKULL-CRUSHING business is all about!