Introducing Dani Dupree

Physical Statistics




150 lbs.





About Dani Dupree

If you like muscle and if you like sexy MILFs then you’re going to love MUSCLE MILF Dani Dupree!

When one of our friends sent us a few pictures of Dani Dupree and asked if we’d be interested in shooting her needless to say the answer was a definite YES! 

One look at her flexing and showing off her massive quads was all we needed to immediately contact her and offer her to become our next ScissorVixen.

It’s obvious Dani Dupree is proud of her muscular legs and calves and told us that she’s the only girl in her gym that can workout with the boys especially on leg day. 

In fact she said many of the men don’t want to train legs with her because they don’t want to be embarrassed by a girl lifting more than them! Her best leg press is 700 plus pounds!

Dani Dupree's Videos

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