Introducing Alexiz Armbar

Physical Statistics




140 lbs.





About Alexiz Armbar

Personal trainer, professional dominatrix and fitness babe Alexiz Armbar debuts on!

When we first found Alexiz Armbar’s Facebook page we were a little skeptical.  With the number of people pretending to be something they’re not on social networks it seemed as though Alexiz’s profile was too good to be true. 

An attractive muscle girl who also refers to herself as ‘Quadzilla the Leg Killa’! 

So we decided to send her a friends request and within minutes she responded.  And after speaking with her on the phone there was no doubt she was the real deal!

Alexiz told us she’s been a pro domme for a dungeon in Dallas, Texas named The Venus Room for a few years now and lists “wrestling and pinning men down” as one of her favorite activities. 

In fact she told us as a result of the new scissor skills she’s gained through her shoot with she’s been able to line up more sessions for men looking to be CRUSHED between a pair of strong, muscular female fitness thighs!  Wanna be next!?

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