Introducing Clarisa

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Clarisa

Although she’s not even old enough to drink (at the time of our first shoot with her) this ScissorVixen cutie is definitely old enough to scissor and boy can she SCISSOR! 

In Clarisa’s debut video we also introduced a new ScissorVixen victim who when I spoke with him on the phone told me he knew all about getting scissored and this wouldn’t be any problem for him…WRONG!

It’s a good thing I carefully went over the tap-out rule with both Clarisa and her victim because without it he would have most certainly gone to scissor-sleep on more than one occasion!  In fact…he sent me a message the next day saying…”Yeah I still feel the squeeze man!! She has some powerful inner thigh muscles!”.

And it wasn’t long before Drew found out just how powerful Clarisa’s inner thigh muscles were during her next shoot!

Clarisa is one of those ‘cuties next door’ types you would never suspect could make you even come close to tapping out but TRUST ME folks…she can and will!!

And if you wanna found out for yourself….?  Contact us below to set up a session with this young hottie today!

Clarisa's Videos

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