Introducing Baby Blake

Physical Statistics




137 lbs.





About Baby Blake

Baby Blake says: “I am very spunky and not quite your average southern belle but I am southern just the same. I am very outgoing and I will make you feel comfortable with me right before I make you beg for mercy. I have experience with kickboxing, semi competitive wrestling and scissor sessions. I love to role play too, so shoot me an email and I hope to meet you soon!”.

ScissorVixens says: We’ve been intrigued by Baby Blake ever since she first appeared on the session scene so when we got our chance to finally work with her during her trip to Boston…we couldn’t wait to find out what this southern cutie could do to us with her impressive 23.5″ thighs and mind-blowing (literally!) 16.0″ calves! 

I knew she had the right attitude when during a text message exchange (where I was having a little “fun” with her) she replied…”Whatever!! Keep on running that mouth!  U will be between my strong legs soon enough!!”. 

And in another exchange I asked her if I will be needing to use my ‘tap-out’ hand during the shoot to which she replied…”Yes…or u won’t be conscious!!”.  After several additional text message exchanges with Baby Blake I noticed a pattern…she seems to use exclamation marks quite a bit. 

And after feeling her thighs and insanely muscular calves around my neck…I felt a large exclamation mark from her scissors as well!  Baby Blake’s thighs are quite impressive indeed but for you calf fans…WOW…is all we can say! 

Baby Blake’s calves may be the best developed calves on our site yet and that includes the female bodybuilders we feature here on as well.  And one thing you will notice by watching Baby Blake in action is her love for using those killer calves in CRUSHING figure-4’s around her victim’s neck! 

It’s quite amazing, and frightening at the same time, when you watch her lock in a figure-4 and seemingly without any effort…cause her victim’s eyes to bulge out of their sockets and force you to tap-out almost immediately at will.  What you don’t see is Baby Blake FLEXING her huge 16″ calves into what feels like rock-hard boulders crushing into your throat and neck!

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