Introducing Chloe 'The Scissor Assasin'

Physical Statistics




155 lbs.





About Chloe 'The Scissor Assasin'

Chloe ‘The Scissor Assassin’ is a New Jersey born babe with endlessly long legs and plenty of east coast “I love to kick ass!” attitude to back it all up!

Now it has always been a long-time debate…Do taller girls have stronger scissors than shorter girls or do shorter girls have stronger scissors than taller girls…?

Well….there are too many variables (natural strength, athletic background, workout regiment, etc.)  to consider before declaring either type the definitive winner but in the case of Chloe ‘The Scissor Assassin’, all the variables seem to add up in her favor!

Standing nearly 6 ft. tall she has a bodyscissors that can KNOCK YOU OUT which means her headscissors can do that and more!

In fact…during her first ScissorVixen video shoot with us she nearly knocked Drew out in a BRUTAL and PARALYZING bodyscissors that had him seeing stars not once but twice! 

First while taking pictures and the second time during the video shoot!

Chloe 'The Scissor Assasin's' Videos

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