Introducing Aurora

Physical Statistics




135 lbs.





About Aurora

When I contacted Aurora by phone to discuss her first shoot with us it became immediately clear she had all the tools we look for in a new ScissorVixen star. The first thing I took note of was her very confident and somewhat dominant personality. 

Then when she told us about her impressive athletic background which includes 10 years as a personal trainer, NFL-style combine training, former pro-volleyball player, her desire to become a stunt woman and a self-proclaimed ‘adrenaline junky’…I knew she would fit right in to our impressive line-up of ScissorVixens. 

But what she told me next REALLY got my attention! 

When I asked her if she was familiar with what a leg scissor hold was or if she had ever seen anything like this before she said…”Oh yeah…my legs are VERY strong and in fact…I have scissored someone before and knocked him out in a head scissors!”.  Wow! 

Needless to say that really got my attention and after a few more questions about how she knocked the guy out and the position she was in it was determined she put the poor guy to sleep in a reverse head scissor like the one pictured above!

Right off the bat we were no more than two pictures into the photo-taking portion of our first shoot and while having her powerhouse thighs nearly decapitating our victim she forced him to tap-out before I could snap the 3rd picture! 

The look on his face told me this was going to be one very rough video shoot for him and the look on her face told me she was going to have plenty of fun showcasing the power of her gorgeous legs!

Aurora’s powerful thighs EXPLODE into huge, skull-crushing proportions whenever she clamps down and it’s either tap-out or pass-out!

Aurora's Videos

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