Introducing Cherokee

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Cherokee

It’s not often we find a new, exciting ScissorVixen walking down the street wearing a short mini-skirt showing off big, powerful thighs but that’s exactly how we found Cherokee…or should I say that’s how Cherokee found us!?

After approaching us outside of our Maine studio she wanted to know what we were all about so I didn’t hesitate to pull her inside, grab one of my volunteer victims and introduce her to the world of scissoring! 

I could tell immediately by the way her gorgeous thighs bulged around his neck and her quads hardened like steel (not to mention the different shades of red his face was changing) that this girl was sent to us from scissor heaven! 

Enjoying her first taste of scissors so much she decided to do her first ScissorVixen video that very night!

And once I told her about sessions…well…she could hardly contain her excitement! 

You can contact Cherokee for sessions below!

Cherokee's Videos

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