Introducing Angelina Czech

Physical Statistics




120 lbs.





About Angelina Czech

Standing at a very athletic 5’4″ tall is beautiful blonde Czech model Angelina! 

Angelina is built like a gymnast and possesses legs that are every bit as strong from years of Taekwondo training and now she’s putting those legs to good use crushing men into submission! 

She has one of the most perfect muscular butt’s you’ll ever see and she knows how to use it to power down one of her murderous reverse headscissors! 

And I was very surprised at just how well Angelina picked up the technique of applying neck wrenching figure-4’s quickly learning how to post both hands on the floor and arching her back as much as possible nearly breaking her victim’s neck!  

Angelina speaks very little English but the one language she has quickly perfected is the language of scissors!