Introducing Wind Goddess

Physical Statistics




105 lbs.





About Wind Goddess

When we first saw former Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil aerialist pop up on SessionGirls we were immediately intrigued!

But the problem for us was that her profile appeared for the Las Vegas area a day after we left for Florida.

So priority number one was to get her on ScissorVixens as soon as we returned to Scissor City and we are thrilled that we did!

For those who think any girl under 5′ tall could not possibly make a man tapout or passout…well…Wind Goddess will certainly prove you wrong!

She may be only 4’11” and 91 pounds but this dark-haired Latina BEAUTY is rock-hard as our intended victim points out after only lasting about 1 minute before telling Drew…”Sorry, but I’m not going to pursue this anymore! My neck will snap and my jaw will break! Literally pure muscle and I don’t want to pass out today. She has the hardest squeeze I’ve felt!”.

Next up was Drew and he found out real fast just how DEADLY Wind Goddess’s SQUEEEEZE is!

Wind Goddess's Videos

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