Introducing Vicki

Physical Statistics




145 lbs.





About Vicki

What’s there to say that Vicki’s picture hasn’t already other than WOW…look at those legs! 

It’s quite obvious that Vicki, who is also a personal trainer, spends a little time in the gym and no doubt puts many men to shame on any kind of leg machine. 

Of course…she put us to shame by applying some of the most brutal, crushing leg scissorswe’ve ever experienced! 

And if we didn’t know any better…we’d have thought Vicki was a professional dominatrix as she loves to verbally dominate her victim while scissoring him senseless! 

Vicki told us that “My legs are what I’m known for!” and now Vicki’s legs and SCISSORS are what she’s known for to all members! 

Oh…and aside from her amazing legs did we mention Vicki is also absolutely gorgeous from head to toe…? 

Guess we didn’t have to…her pictures say it all!