'Time To Show Suave What My THIGHS Can Do!’


Ama Rio

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SEXY fetish model, Ama Rio, makes her debut on ScissorVixens!

And she proves once again …don’t judge a ScissorVixen by the size of her thighs as our victim, Suave, finds out in this video!

Ama Rio’s thighs are like steel cables!  

LONG and LEAN and ready to wreck some necks!

She makes Suave tap-out over and over again and in one BRUTAL scissor hold after the other!

She even taunts him, while straddling him down in a school-girl pin, telling him it looks like he’s ready to eat her out!

But that’s the last thing Suave is going to be doing as Ama’s thighs TIGHTLY wrap around his neck in a front headscissor!

In the end, Ama clamps on a BRUTAL reverse headscissor and makes poor Suave tap out one more time before triumphantly standing over him in a victory pose!

So check out Ama Rio, dominating her victim, Suave, in ‘Time To Show Suave What My THIGHS Can Do!’.

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Video Length: 10 minutes

Total Bitrate: 10,000 kbps

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