Introducing Tiffini

Physical Statistics




115 lbs.





About Tiffini

“WOW!”…that’s what most of you are probably thinking when you take a look at Tiffini…and she delivers the wow-factor in more ways than one! 

This strikingly gorgeous 5’2″ tall powerhouse and personal trainer also delivers a big “WOW!” with her legs once she wraps her powerful quads around your head and begins to squeeeeze! 

Tiffini doesn’t say much during her videos but she doesn’t have to in order to let you know she enjoys scissoring the life out of her victims…it’s written all over her pretty face often smiling, smirking, tossing her dark hair from one side to the next and simply having a scissoring good time! 

Amongst the several colorful and artistic tattoos Tiffini has is one she wears on the top of her right foot that says it all…it’s a tattoo of brass-knuckles symbolizing the way you’ll feel after she’s done with you!

Tiffini's Videos

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