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When Anaconda Andi showed up for our shoot we had no idea just how powerful this somewhat ‘shy’ girl’s thighs were.  At first glance she didn’t look imposing in any way and her quiet and gentle demeanor didn’t give us any reason to suspect she was going to have a killer squeeze.

But once again we are taken by surprise!

As always we start by taking photos before each video and I tell the girls to crank it once they hear the ‘beep’ from the camera right before the flash goes off.  So there I was in position for the first photo with my neck firmly wedged between Anaconda Andi’s thighs, the beep goes off and BAM, my head is nearly ripped off of my shoulders!

“Holy shit!”

Anaconda Andi’s thighs went from slender unassuming legs to huge, muscular and ‘hard as rock’ SKULL CRUSHERS in a fraction of a second once she locked up her ankles and squeezed!

I knew then I was in for a long shoot and I would no doubt be hurting afterwards which I did big time!

There were several times during the shoot where I had visions of drinking out of a straw while my jaw was wired shut after being broken into a million pieces from Anaconda Andi’s CRUSHING THIGHS!

And fear that my windpipe was about to be flattened by a few of her vicious figure-4’s around my neck also entered my mind as well!

At the end of this video Anaconda Andi had me in a  BRUTAL side neck scissor which had me seeing stars and fading out fast.  I wanted to finish the scene but had to tap-out early or it would have been off to dreamland in no time!

In this video Anaconda Andi shows Boston Bruins hockey fan Drew what usually follows lightning (as in the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team)…her Tampa Bay THUNDER THIGHS!

So don’t miss the ScissorVixen debut of the incredibly cute ‘girl next door’ with the murderous thighs… Anaconda Andi in ‘Tampa Bay THUNDER THIGHS!’.

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