Introducing Sydney Scissors

Physical Statistics




115 lbs.





About Sydney Scissors

The first thing you notice when meeting Sydney Scissors is her warm natural beauty with very little need for cosmetic enhancement. 

She’s quick to smile and quick to laugh but DO NOT let her disarming charm fool you! 

This gorgeous 5’5″ tall red-head absolutely LOVES to squeeze you with everything she’s got and trust me…it’s gonna’ be more than you can handle! 

At first glance her thighs may look non-threatening BUT you will  be amazed once she wraps them around your scrawny neck, locks her ankles and begins to squeeeeeze! 

Out of nowhere bulging thigh muscles suddenly appear and her quads turn rock solid which she attributes to hours in the gym, mountain biking and hiking. 

All you have to do is watch her video clips on our site to see the fire and excitement in her eyes as she’s pouring on the pressure knowing any second you will have no choice but tap unless of course you’re in need of a scissor nap. 

Sydney Scissors's Videos

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