Introducing Summer Monroe

Physical Statistics




140 lbs.





About Summer Monroe

WOW!! is all we can say about new ScissorVixen and competitive tri-athlete Summer Monroe and we think you’ll say WOW too!

We were fortunate to have a friend introduce us to this tall, incredibly fit blonde knockout named Summer Monroe during the FetishCon event here in Tampa, Fl. just a few weeks ago.  He knew she would be PERFECT for our kind of shoot since not only does she compete in triathlons but she LOVES to wrestle too!

So when I mentioned ‘scissors’ to her she just smiled and said…”Oh yeah…I know what leg scissorsare and I LOVE doing them on guys!  When do you want to shoot…?”.

Needless to say it didn’t take long for us to contact this drop-dead gorgeous tri-athlete to line up a shoot and it didn’t take long for her to respond…”Yes…I’m in…let’s do this!”.

And boy does she ever do it!