Introducing Star

Physical Statistics




130 lbs.





About Star

As soon as we saw Star’s profile appear on we knew we had to get her in front of the ScissorVixens cameras for our fans and members!

Just one look at Star’s powerful physique and there’s no question she has more than earned her nickname of ‘Beastette’!

And her lifts are incredibly impressive considering that she stands at 5’1″ tall and 130 rock-solid pounds!

Benching 185 lbs. for reps and 225 lbs for 2 reps, deadlifts of 450 lbs and most impressive…315 full-squat lbs for reps!

Star the ‘beastette’ is certainly not afraid to tear it up in the gym while no doubt intimidating most of the men who would dare to try and keep up with her!

And as for scissors…?

Good lord…does Star LOVE SCISSORS!

“I think being able to make a man pass-out between my thighs is very sexy and a total turn-on!  I think it’s my own personal fetish now!”.


“I love the feel of  a man’s neck between my quads knowing I can knock them out at any time!”.

This is one female bodybuilder that loves the fact that her powerful physique and thighs get attention and loves to show you just how devastatingly powerful they are!

Think you can handle Star the ‘Beastette’s’ QUADS of DEATH?

Star's Videos

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